1. the action or process of combining to belong as a part of the whole.


We are out and about every day, engaging in healthful, meaningful, and environmentally responsible activities in and around Portland—from urban hikes to volunteer activities and everything in between. Participants decide together what each day will look like.

Our small group model provides just the right mix of self-determination and teamwork. Our groups consist of no more than three participants to one staff, which provides the social dynamic many people are looking for while offering a more individualized approach to supports than one would receive in a larger group.

We are building community Tuesdays through Fridays from 9:30am-2:30pm and Saturdays 10 am – 3 pm.



We believe every individual has the potential and capacity to work. Some participants need support integrating into the workforce. Our Employment Specialist provides the following services to help job-seekers find and maintain employment and support career advancement:

     - Discovery/ Career Exploration

     - Employment Pathways

     - Job Placement

     - Job Carving

     - Job Coaching (initial & on-going)




After high school there are few opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities to continue their pursuit of academic learning. On-the-Move offers an opportunity for adults who experience challenges with reading to receive one on one tutoring from volunteer community members. Our Free Reading Program encourages and inspires people to work towards their literacy goals. Tutors provide support at any level with a dignified, individualized approach. 

We offer four sessions a year, each containing six weekly classes. Student and tutors work together for an hour in between 15 minute group check-ins/check-outs at the beginning and end of each class. 

Healthy Relationships

Everyone has a relationship with someone! And most people can agree that relationships can be hard to navigate. Making and keeping friends is tricky. Then there’s dating! People have so many questions and needs in this area, but where can they turn to for advice and support? 

We have partnered with Call to Safety (formerly PWCL) to offer classes, discussion groups, and resources for individuals experiencing disabilities to build and maintain healthy relationships with the people in their lives.