Since 2007, we have led a grassroots effort to break down barriers of inclusion through offering thousands of community-integrated experiences and connections.

Our Mission

We aim to enrich the social fabric of community through ensuring the fuller participation of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We believe that in order for true inclusion to occur, individuals must have regular opportunities to play a role in their community and the greater community deserves frequent interactions with people who have differing abilities, communication styles, and experiences. Our role is to ensure the possibility of these interactions, to model the celebration of diversity, and to offer individuals choices that are meaningful, healthy, and environmentally responsible.

Our Vision

By ensuring fuller participation in the community on a daily basis, we are continually increasing the social appreciation for human differences. We envision a society that relies upon the diverse experiences of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. When we think about the future, we often imagine our roles looking very different. That's because, in the future we envision, every human is valued and appreciated for their unique contributions and disability is fully understood as a social construct of the past.   

I visited On-the-Move and I was so happy to meet such wonderful people. As a wheelchair user, I appreciate its emphasis on social justice and modeling healthy, caring relationships for people who may have limited experience with disability. On-the-Move has a personal approach to breaking down barriers to social inclusion.
— Allen Hines, Community Member

Our Key Elements

  • Small group ratios (1:2-3)
  • 100% community-based programs
  • We consider our personal heath and the health of the environment when choosing our activities.
  • Groups rely on public transportation for daily commuting.
  • We see disability as a social construct; we all have them but they don't define us!
  • We don't just offer options, we empower informed choices.
  • Relationships between participants, staff, and the greater community are loving, welcoming, and life-changing!