What is a 'community-based' program?

Most programs are site-based programs where participants spend hours indoors doing different activities. On-the-Move has an office space where participants meet, but we do not stay there. We go into the community for every appointment. That’s why our program is so unique.


How do you promote health and wellness?

Participants who choose On-the-Move understand they will be encouraged to make healthful choices. When planning the day’s activities, staff encourage participants to consider healthful and environmentally responsible options. For example, rather than a visit to a mall or a fast food restaurant, we encourage exploring activities such hiking, taking a community yoga class, or volunteering—activities that promote the well-being of the individual, our community, and the earth.


Can you send me a calendar of events?

No.  Participants have individualized schedules, and plan their activity with their small group every morning. Rather than a calendar of preplanned activities, our participants and staff work together to come up with creative ideas based on common interests among the group.  Since groups never exceed three participants, planning together promotes individual choice as well as the consideration of others.


How much does it cost?

On-the-Move is licensed by the State of Oregon as a support services agency qualified to help brokerage customers address Independent Service Plan goals. Most participants pay for their appointments through Brokerage Support plan dollars. During program, we emphasize participating in free or low-cost activities to promote accessibility. 


How many people are in a group?

Our average ratio is 2-3 participants with 1 staff member. This allows us to have natural interactions with others when we go out into the community and accomplish all kinds of great projects! We avoid a “field trip” dynamic that can occur with higher ratios.


Is there a wait list or can I participate now?

We are full, which means we have to maintain a wait list. To be considered for the program, individuals must first schedule a visit at On-the-Move.  After coming for a visit and deciding that the program is a good fit, the individual can then ask to be added to our wait list.  The wait list can last any length of time, depending on the individual’s availability, placement on the wait list, and our capacity to provide necessary supports to maintain group safety in the community. (Note to Case Managers: Do not send referral packets. Please respect our confidentiality guidelines as well as the privacy of the individual.)

To schedule a visit, please contact our Program Manager, Jackie Cunningham by calling (503) 287-0346 or emailing Jackie@onthemoveonline.org.



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