We envision a society that relies upon the diverse experiences of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities — a society that sees neurodiversity as fundamental to a strong community.


Social Justice

We base our work upon an ethic of care, respect and equity towards everyone. Through current, person-centered approaches we support participants in overcoming barriers, accessing the community, and achieving their goals.


We celebrate human diversity and appreciate everyone’s unique expression with the understanding that it is individual differences that make a community stronger as a whole. 


We provide supports based on the principle of integration in the community so that full membership and the opportunity to contribute evolve.  


We strive to offer a variety of options, opportunities for choice, and support in strengthening self-determination.


We emphasize care of self, neighbors, and planet as essential elements of our framework for programs and services. 


We enjoy each other and our community, and we are excited about the endless possibilities ahead. We take time to laugh, we share in each other’s victories, and we express a spirit of excitement and enthusiasm for life.