Each year, On-the-Move participants and staff engage in nearly 2,000 community events and activities.


we explore

On-the-Move has been called “the happiest place in the world!” Our community inclusion program provides individuals with new opportunities to explore their community and interests each day. We are active citizens participating in shaping our local culture. We do not stay behind closed doors!

Our activities have a health and wellness focus.  We consider our personal heath and the health of the environment when choosing our activities. Many groups volunteer for animal welfare organizations, exercise, go hiking, visit art galleries, farmer’s markets, and do cooking projects.  We avoid the mall and fast food! 



we volunteer

We do lots of volunteer projects and always make a positive impact on our community.  We educate ourselves and others on how to be respectful and responsible towards the environment.



we engage

While we are out making a difference in the world, community members who may not be familiar with inclusive practices can learn from us!  We use the word integration because we facilitate a two-way exchange; integration is more than inclusion!