Every program or project at On-the-Move shares the same goal: break down barriers to social inclusion and build community with and for people who experience developmental disabilities.


Participants volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank

Participants volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank

Activities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities shouldn’t be about just passing the time. They should be meaningful and enriching.

Our activities focus on getting out in the community doing things that are healthy, social, sustainable, and fun.

We do things you would want to do:

  • Hike through one of Portland’s beautiful parks
  • Attend free concerts
  • Break a sweat at a local CrossFit box
  • Volunteer at a community organization
  • Partake in the quirky things that make us love living in Portland
  • Brighten a stranger's day with small talk at a coffee shop, and so much more!

Participants are always dreaming up new ways to engage, enjoy and enrich the social fabric of our community!

We go out in small groups of no more than three participants to one staff. This small-group model provides just the right mix of self-determination and teamwork. Participants enjoy this because they get to experience the social dynamic they are looking for while receiving the individualized support they need.

Think about it: when you're trying to build meaningful relationships with friends do you prefer to hang out with one or two others, or six to seven others? Large groups work sometimes, but they aren't the typical social dynamic people are seeking.

Self-determination is one of our core values, which means participants are encouraged to explore and decide each day where they go and what they do. Participants work together to choose activities with support from staff. When participants are uncertain about what to do or what opportunities are available our staff offer guidance and options.

Our Community Inclusion program is all about personal discovery and growth, and community integration and engagement.

Ready to make a difference? We are building community Monday through Friday from 9:30am-3:30pm and Saturdays 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. Contact us for a tour.


A job can be a source of great personal satisfaction and a way to build connections within your community. We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to pursue meaningful work.

Some individuals may need help integrating into the workforce, which is why our Employment Specialist assists participants with finding, maintaining, and flourishing in the profession of their choice. We also collaborate with employers to help integrate adults with I/DD into their workforce.

We offer the following services:

  • Discovery and Career Exploration
  • Employment Pathways
  • Job Placement
  • Job Coaching (initial, on-going, and maintainence)


We've learned a lot after a decade of community engagement. We are constantly forming new ideas that come from these experiences and lessons learned. Some of these ideas turn into new projects or programs, which are described below.

Reading Support

After high school there are few opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities to continue their pursuit of academic learning. On-the-Move offers an opportunity for adults who experience challenges with reading to receive one on one tutoring from volunteer community members. Our Free Reading Program encourages and inspires people to work towards their literacy goals. Tutors provide support to students at any level with a dignified, individualized approach. 

This program is offered as interest is expressed and support is available. We hold 1.5 hour-long weekly classes for a six-week-long session periodically throughout the year. Contact us to express interest in becoming a student or a volunteer. There is no need to be registered in one of our services (community inclusion or employment) in order to participate in this class.

Healthy Relationships

Everyone has a relationship with someone! And most people can agree that relationships can be hard to navigate. Making and keeping friends is tricky. Then there’s dating! People have so many questions and needs in this area, but where can they turn to for advice and support? 

We have partnered with Call to Safety to offer support and resources for individuals experiencing disabilities to build and maintain healthy relationships with the people in their lives. This service is only available to current On-the-Move participants registered in either our community inclusion or employment program.

Short-term 1:1 Person-centered Support

Sometimes participants want a more intimate approach to help develop their dreams and goals. Short-term, one-on-one appointments are available for participants to complement their involvement in our small-group community inclusion program. Participants often use these 2.5 hour-long appointments to identify strengths and needs they may not be ready to explore among peers. 

Community Partnerships

On-the-Move participants are ready to connect and engage within their community. Sometimes, however, the community is not prepared to include people with disabilities. For true inclusion to occur we recognize that the community needs our support too.

Thanks to the generous support from Meyer Memorial Trust we have developed a program that gives us the opportunity to connect with organizations and businesses who want to transform their space into an inclusive place. Our grant-funded Community Engagement program works to educate and prepare community partners to offer integrated activities for people with and without disabilities.